Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 Txt Messages to Reviewers of Telephone

cell dont give mr relief thn rotary
a St. =/ st. =/ st-st =/ easy
sure uv hd the exp o hvy breath
chk the init, needs mor thx
if it come thru too easy, insp. the con
yr feeling, lk inspired by, is misint of

't. call' ie t. 1st, or yr bells pick up sigs
fk yr lng symph-o nr sigh
dont beg to desc yr getting it
amng tits < lik to inspire theatadapt-
Sttlr Ckbk, t.rousse

bt mani o index wld b > tele
if vag ear md appear+
dead bro > ref. shs nt thr,
yr t/f qz crit nons. nt til ov u
realits smar mist, ungrate amp
o grt bk w sm bnl roma

insp. by 8122436013

Telephone Book
Telephone Book

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