Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The early appearance of tears in this child

(almost from birth and certainly within the first forty-eight hours, according to the records of physician and nurse) is exceptional

(i) Drawing of the mouth to a square shape
(in the 12th week a protrusion of the low
er lip preceded crying); (2) closing of the eyes; (3) the vocal
sound a A a; (4) reddening of face; (5) tears.

The crying was not accompanied, and
no indication of the sob as late as the 7th week,
except its possible beginning in a slight catching
of the breath. In the 9th week sobbing was
clearly present. The reddening of the surface
that accompanies the cry was definitely observed

in the 8th week. It began in the face, spread up
over the top of the head, and simultaneously down
toward the feet. As early as the 7th week

the vocal cry was well differentiated and the cries
of hunger, pain, discomfort, sleepiness and anger
clearly distinguishable from each other.

The sob also varies with the nature of the feeling which accompanies the cry.

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