Friday, March 20, 2009

Readings Tomorrow: Lytle Shaw & K. Silem Mohammad; Lawrence Giffin & Regan Good

Two readings in NYC this weekend:

1. Saturday, March 21st at the Bowery Poetry Club at 4pm:

I’ve been looking forward to this reading since the Segue list for this season was released, but I’m especially excited because I just picked up The Chadwick Family Papers (A Brief Public Glimpse) when browsing the Faculty shelf at the NYU bookstore. (The copy I bought is blue, not the pink depicted in this picture from Amazon). It’s a great object to encounter in the less reassuring context of a bookstore; if you buy it online, you’ll have a helpful review to let you know that Jimbo Blachly and Lytle Shaw “pretended to be the editors of the papers of the Chadwicks, a mysterious family of connoisseurs, dandies and amateur historians”, while the book positions itself as virtuoso art scholarship (which it, of course, is).

There is a good review of K. Silem Mohammad’s Breathalyzer by Kareem Estefan at Sustainable Aircraft that you can check out here , and you can listen to him reading from Deer Head Nation on Pennsound.

2. Also Saturday, March 21st, 7:00pm
@ Outpost Lounge
1014 Fulton Ave, Brooklyn, NY
(between Grand and Classon, C to Franklin or G to Clinton-Washington)

I can’t speak for Good, but I have Lawrence Giffin’s new chapbook Get The Fuck Back Into That Burning Plane, and it is amazing. If you’re not in NY, consider this a recommendation of the chapbook rather than the reading.

"Sir! Ma’am! For the safety and security
of you and your family,
I need you to get the fuck
back into that burning plane.
For the 245 whites of Shanksville, PA,
bombed from eight weeks in the future,
recovered into historical memory
from the pixel debris connecting
the monitor to the hardpoint,
please, get the fuck
back into that burning plane.
A finger prodding you through an array
of channels and devices:
lab, factory, prison, school.
Into the time-period you go,
fluctuating like a canister,
handed yourself by the bursar
and the ombudsperson
like a glass of gravitas.
You lick the bottom of the glass;
there is candy there.
You lick the wreckage of racialized vespers;
there is a nation here.”

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