Thursday, March 10, 2011

Explanation as Composition: Confession #1

Confess your most embarrassing story involving a gallery, museum or other place-of-art. It could be a true anecdote involving yourself, something embarrassing you overheard while at a gallery or museum, a story of a friend’s shame-inducing art experience, or a completely made up story involving you or a stranger. You needn’t specify which of the above options you have chosen. Please sign your story with a pen name, such as “Embarrassed Emily.” You may write more than one story.

Four Short Ones, written by UNFO + Collaborators

In the MOMA there is a Duchamp sculpture made out of glass that was cracked during transport. I took a picture of a woman peering through it from the opposite side. She looks mad in the picture.

I read this on CNN once: a woman’s high heel broke and she fell into a famous painting and tore through it. Another time, a wrecking ball went through the wall of a room that hadn’t been fully vacated, tearing through a large-scale painting by a Flemish master. Isn’t that part of what makes art beautiful, that possibility that it might never be experienced or considered again?

I don’t know how to network properly. Once I introduced myself to the lady who is in charge of LACE, hoping I could learn more about how to submit a proposal to curate an event or exhibition. She quickly led me over to her staff. They began the process of signing me up as a student intern.

When I was a child we visited the tomb of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, Egypt. I found it embarrassing to see, carved into the pillars, hearts with the initials of lovers, followed by the date of their visit. Heart shape: S & J, Feb Two, 1889. C and E, July 22, 1901.

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