Monday, July 9, 2012

Fig a Friend Today!

July is HOT!

The sun is blazing and the next TrenchArt series is on its way. This year's conversation is 'Surplus,' and in that vein, we are publishing not five but six titles in the series. And now, we're offering an excessively good membership deal—a gift-giving drive to share the love. Become a member at the $100 Supporter level or higher, and receive a gift membership mailed to the recipient of your choice. You can personalize the gift or send it anonymously, whichever you prefer. Plus free swag! That means all six books in the series, invitations to special Les Figues events, and an assortment of stickers and postcards. Times two. Think about how much extra goodness will exist in the world when you give a buddy a gift membership.

The TrenchArt Surplus series includes:
  • TrenchArt: Surplus (aesthetics)
  • Lividity by Kim Rosenfield
  • 2500 Random Things About Me Too by Matias Viegener
  • Words of Love by Mark Rutkoski
  • The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Kathy by Michael du Plessis
  • For Want and Sound by Melissa Buzzeo
Plus visual art by Klaus Killisch.

Summer is hot and so is sharing: Fig a friend today!