Monday, August 13, 2012

the postcards that never were

according to american theater director Anne Bogart "making a decision is an act of violence."

in other words, the act of making an artistic choice, from incorporating a different medium in your latest exhibit at the MET to deciding whether or not to justify that cover letter, inevitably involves killing another creative option

but what if we saved those remnants, those scraps, those previously unrecognized vernacular corpses?

welcome to the postcards that never were, a brief glimpse at the process behind crafting a Les Figues Postcard

(presented in a quirky, conceptual and utterly Les Figues format)

These collages were created from postcard prototypes for the following titles from the TrenchArt Surplus series: The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Acker, Lividity, 2500 Random Things About Me Too, and Words of Love. Enjoy!





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