Sunday, October 28, 2007

What is Les Figues Press?

Les Figues Press seeks to educate and encourage public appreciation of aesthetic-based writing and other art forms, and to further the discussion of literature and aesthetics in our time. By “aesthetic-based,” we mean work that grounds itself within a cultural tradition and holds the artist responsible for that cultural participation. We believe innovations in literature are not intuitively known, and that authors have an artistic obligation to assist the public in understanding and assessing writing that is as deeply serious as it is unfamiliar. We publish unconventional literature and poetics in order to introduce innovative work to the larger community, and to invigorate public and academic debate about experimental literature and literary aesthetics. We do not see ourselves as gatekeeper, but gate, providing a portal for literature that is difficult, demanding or otherwise unacceptable to an increasingly risk-averse publishing industry—literature whose existence is vital for a thriving culture.