Friday, November 23, 2007

Week Away Countdown

The auction is only a week away, so if you haven't RSVP'd, now is the time. The reception begins at 7:00 p.m.; at 7:30, there will be a performance of particular auction items, with appearances by Eileen Myles, Sawako Nakayasu, Christine Wertheim, Allison Carter, Danielle Adair and more. Bidding begins at 8:00 p.m., for 45 minutes only, followed by another performance.

Some new items just in:
  • A poem and poetry commission by Sawako Nakayasu
  • A commissioned letter of advice by Anna Joy Springer
  • A basket of fig body products
  • A tarot reading by Therese Bachand

To RSVP, post your reply card, OR respond to the evite, OR email us at

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your Favorite Book -- Now in Toy Theater

Another Les Figues Auction Donation—Make Your Own Tiny Spectacle, a lesson by Susan Simpson

Susan writes, "Toy Theater or Paper Theater was a popular means of staging dramatic spectacles in Victorian parlors. It was all the rage in homes across Europe and the U.S. As children, Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen, Laurence Olivier and Orson Welles all delighted in re-enacting their favorite literary works and hit dramas by staging them in two dimensions on a miniature proscenium stage that looked something like this...

Eventually, the small box in the living room was replaced by another, the television; and toy theater became outmoded. But now you can bring it back. You can make your own toy theater production and entertain your friends in your parlor with miniature performance of your literary favorites. Just imagine Dies: A Sentence the Toy Theater version.

Join Susan Simpson for a lesson and build a toy theater production of your own.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Auction Items!

Donations keeping coming in! Most recently:
  • Art by Connie Samaras
  • Gift certificate from Skylight Books
  • Food from Trader Joe's
  • 2-hour Organizational Session with Danielle Adair
  • 2-hour Grant writing Training or Consultation with Robin Myrick
  • 5 Unique print issues of PULP, an experimental literature and art magazine founded/edited by Nancy Romero, Janice Lee, Shoshana Seidman, Prayer Trairatvorakul, with cover art by Ali Liebegott and Anna Joy Springer, and original art pieces on wood from their last project, a giant public art installation and mail-art project by artists including Eileen Myles and Laurie Weeks
  • A signed and numbered Orrefors crystal bowl from the 1997 collection
  • Four Wiggles Coloring and Activity books for the preschool set
  • A first paperback edition of A War of Eyes and Other Stories by Wanda Coleman. Black Sparow Press. From Dragon Books, Bel Air
  • An inscribed copy of Japan by Maxine Chernoff (1987). From Dragon Books.
  • An inscribed copy of Bop by Maxine Chernoff (1986). From Dragon Books.
  • An inscribed copy of Early Heaven (1984) by Amy Gerstler. Ouija Madness Press. From Dragon Books.
  • A signed coy of The True Bride (1986) by Amy Gerstler. Lapis Press. From Dragon Books of Bel Air.
  • SIGHTINGS: Selected Works (2000 – 2005) by Shin Yu Pai. From 1913 Press. Award-winning design by Murillo Design, Inc.
And there's more too! Thank you to everyone who's donating, and supporting Les Figues.

Friday, November 2, 2007

How Fabulous These Somethings Are

Thank you to all the artists and writers who are preparing a special donated "something" for the "Give a Fig" auction. These include Susan Simpson and Eileen Myles, Sawako Nakayasu and Ken Ehrlich. Plus there's Janet Sarbanes, Anna Joy Springer, Ali Liebegott, Ara Shirinyan and High Energy Construct's Michael Smoler. We also have a Xena Warrior Princess poster, signed by Lucy Lawless to Vanessa Place (who wrote some Xena episodes), and a Bird & Bull Press original scroll, courtesy of Joe Milazzo. Allison Carter is donating a lesson in website development, and Elena Karina Byrne is offering both editing services, and PR for Poets. Deborah Lowe is going to make - which I believe, in this case, means bake - something special. (She makes very good desserts.)

And there's more too -- Coming Soon!