Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapter One, Part Three

“I’m blind!” the attendant screamed. “Call a doctor, fast!”

“There’s no time for a doctor.” Watkins did not look to see, but he knew the light was still flaring in the sky. Nor did he add that there might never be time for a doctor again. “Here! Let me lead you!” He grabbed the attendant’s arms. Watkins did not know the man. He was merely trying to help a fellow human being.

“Get away from me! Don’t touch me.” Jerking free, the attendant fumbled his way into the shack on the lot. Watkins caught a glimpse of him trying to use the phone. Tom did not wait to see more. Nor did he try to use his car. He knew that in seconds, before he could get it turned around, it might be so much twisted metallic junk.

Unless he reached the shelter quickly, Tom Watkins knew that he too might be just so much twisted human junk. He headed for the shelter, running all the way.

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