Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guest Blogger #5 = Jennifer Karmin

Several weeks ago, Jennifer Karmin came to Los Angeles to give a reading celebrating the release of Flim Forum's anthology, A Sing Economy. Vanessa Place and I met her, and had a fantastic time talking and laughing with this very smart, very engaged poet. For the reading (at Betalevel), she asked me and Catherine Daly to read with her. The work was aaaaaaaaaaalice, which Jennifer describes as an "intersection of language, place, and (mis)communication with a 1963 Japanese textbook, [her] travels through Asia, and Alice in Wonderland. Mirroring Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, the sequence and time relations of the poems create unlimited permutations intended for reading, sound, and performance experiments."

If you ever hear of aaaaaaaaaaalice coming to your town, or even better, if you ever have a chance to participate—Go! Read! Listen! Enjoy!

Meanwhile, we have Jennifer Karmin here, at Les Figues, as a guest blogger for the next six months.

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