Monday, June 2, 2008

News Reviews

Here's a few new reviews of recent Les Figues books:

The Great American Pinup reviews The noulipian Analects

Poetic Diversity reviews Voice of Ice / Voix de Glace

On a separate note, last weekend (May 30-June 1) was full of (more or less) literary activities. Vanessa was at the Conceptual Poetry Conference in Tuscan (looking forward to hearing about that from her), while Janice Lee and I were at Book Expo, in Los Angeles this year. And we learned a little bit more about how to describe books, from the Book Expo America 2008, Official Directory & Buyers' Guide ($40 value).

Tribulations of a Westerner in the Western World: A brother and sister struggle to find their way.

Inch Aeons: Great ideas for recycling old jewelry into kicky new pieces.

Requiem: A mystery with an amazing ending.

God's Livestock Policy: Guidebook to publicity and promotion strategies and techniques for anyone.

More coming soon!

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JohnFox said...

Hey there,

Sorry I missed you at Book Expo - I'm intrigued by A Happy Man and other Stories. I was just there covering the general clamor and getting review copies of short story collections.