Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chapter Two, Part Three

Outside the rain was ending. Inside, the prayers had stopped. People were planning what to do next. Some would try to return to their homes and their loved ones, collect money, food, clothing, bedding, and decide what evacuation route they would use in leaving the city. They all had their minds made up on one point. They were going to leave the Los Angeles area.

Inside the shelter, they didn’t see the flash of light in the sky. But they heard the shock wave.


Long before the ground began to tremble, they knew that their plans for immediate departure were going to be postponed.

A second bomb had hit.

In the shelter, the prayers began again, louder now.

The first bomb had struck about ten in the morning. The second one landed a little after noon. By two o’clock, the stink in the shelter was beginning to approach the nauseous stage.

Part of the stink came from sweat pushed out of human bodies by floods of fear. Most of it came from toilet facilities that had stopped working when the second bomb had knocked out the water mains.

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