Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 2009: Happy [One] Factorial

We're delighted to welcome the new year with a special collaboration. In 2009, all new and renewing members to Les Figues will receive a complimentary copy* of [One] Factorial (Factorial Press, 2002), edited by Sawako Nakayasu. The issue aptly focuses on collaboration, and includes work by Nelson Howe & Rosemarie Waldrop, Dennis Phillips & Paul Vangelisti, Carla Harryman & Amy Trachtenberg, plus Yoko Ono, Eileen Tabios, Keith Waldrop, Rachel Levitsky, Jen Hofer & Patrick Durgen, and oh so much more. You can find a complete table of contents here.

How can you become a member of Les Figues? You can either sign up online, or mail a check/money-order, payable to "LES FIGUES PRESS" with a little note that says "Yes, Make Me a Member." And we will. A subscription membership is $60; as a member, you'll receive each of the 5 books in the current TrenchArt series -- Tracer -- including our most recent release re: evolution by Kim Rosenfield.

Mail To:
Les Figues
Post Office Box 7736
Los Angeles, CA 90007

*while supplies last

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