Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Note on the Les Figues Blog, + A. Carter + A. Cain

While part of our purpose at Les Figues is to create a community of writers, we also want to engage those writers in conversation with each other. It's no secret that talking with other writers can help one in her own practice, just as talking with artists working in other mediums can illuminate new ways of thinking about old literary problems.

What about narrative, for example?
How is Harold Abramowitz making a story in a medium meant to be read on-screen?

A blog is a good place for a kind of conversation. I say "a kind" because it's different than sitting down over a drink. It's a conversation in writing, best done in short form, given the size of most screens. It's a conversation in images, for unlike letters or even attachment-heavy emails, one can easily post an image to a blog, even as blog text is something more like image than print.

What about the images posted by Vanessa Place?
Or Jennifer Calkins?
Are they illustrative? Representational? Not?

Starting in 2008, Les Figues asked six writers to be guest bloggers for at least six months. That first six months went by fast, and while we hope these first guests will continue posting, we're inviting six new writers to join in. We're asking them to post thoughts and information: What are you reading? Are you curating any events? What are you thinking about? Who and what are you seeing? What's happening, inside and out?

Please do tell. We hope, eventually, to create a multi-headed monster.

Which brings me to Allison Carter. Author of A Fixed, Formal Arrangement, Allison lives in Los Angeles, where she is the editor of P S Books. She has also published work in Word For/Word, Combatives, P-Queue, 5_Trope, Fence and other journals. Oh, and she has a new chapbook too, Shadows are Weather by Horse Less Press. We're very excited to have Allison as a bonafide guest blogger.

As you may have noticed, Amina Cain is also here. Her book I Go To Some Hollow is forthcoming from Les Figues (in the same series as Allison's). Amina is a recent LA transplant from Chicago; she is currently curating (with Jennifer Karmin) an amazing conference called "When Does It Or You Begin (Memory as Innovation)." Amina's work has also appeared in many journals, such as 3rd bed, Denver Quarterly, La Petite Zine, and Action, Yes.

AC + AC = Hooray!

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