Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Figs Reviewed

JoSelle Vanderhooft at The Pedestal Magazine reviews three Les Figues titles in one excellent article found here:

A Fixed, Formal Arrangement by Allison Carter
"By giving the reader several toys with which to play, Carter skillfully makes her points about the subjectivity of lived and read experience, the unreliability of narration and the ability of perspective and thought to shift without cause."

God's Livestock Policy by Stan Apps
"Apps excels at telling parables about God, many of which satirize, fantasize and bastardize the language of biblical parable and European fairy tale."

re: evolution by Kim Rosenfield
"Indeed, Rosenfield’s book is probably the closest a poet can come to melding the language of science and poetry so clinically and strangely"

Also, be sure to check out The Short Review for an interview with Axel Thormählen and Scott Doyle's review of A Happy Man and Other Stories.
"They often read less as stories, and more as a mixture of parable and philosophical tract and comic monologue—all poured into a soup pot and stirred by the likes of Calvino or Kafka or Bruno Schulz."

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