Friday, February 27, 2009

Report on Pasadena

We live in a city of Wolves. On the inside of one of your teeth is a silver key that fits into a golden lock. Silver and gold are not important to you so the Wolves will try to convince you that the extraction won’t hurt any more than a root canal. This is not true. The Wolves will offer you their own coats in recompense. “Isn’t that a lot to pay,” you will think. But a true Wolf has more coats under that preliminary coat. It has coat after coat and they are all infected. The silver, which to them is a key to another safe, is for you, the safe itself. You are not old enough to know what is in there, but one day you will be. If you give it away you can expect a life without sunflowers, desire, breakfast pastries, hotel room service, or that boy Douglas who lives in the empty apartment and who watches you carefully – too carefully – for flaws.

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Teresa Carmody said...

if there are true wolves, then there must be untrue wolves, which is different, as we know, from the wolf in sheep's clothing.