Thursday, May 14, 2009

Note: Ifland, Cain, Encuentro

Alta Ifland, author of Voice of Ice, is a guest blogger at the Emerging Writers Network site. You can also find a short story by her here.

RenĂ©e E. D’Aoust gives an excellent review of I Go To Some Hollow in The Brooklyn Rail. We're happy to also see reviews of Monica de la Torre's Public Domain and Binnie Kirshenbaum's The Scenic Route.

Vanessa Place and I will be at the Tiempo de Literatura MXL 09 in Mexicali this weekend. I'll be giving a presentation about Les Figues on Friday, and Vanessa and I will be reading on Saturday.

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Marco Antonio Huerta said...

Very nice to see you both at the encuentro. I'll be uploading my photos soon. A kiss!