Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayer for the Only Pig

You created the pigs to serve my needs and to lead them to You. By my own fault I have lost the beautiful relationship which I once had with your pigs.

By restoring my relationship with you, I will also restore it with pigs.

Give me the glasses to see the pigs in bows:

Pigs are like us, even-toed ungulates, and they rebel against dinner by going to parties. One has a nose for a laugh, is a cartoon, is a pig, with parts described like hair.

Now a good way off from them there was a herd of many swine feeding.

Help us to see that pigs use their toes for walking.

It is known that a swine is a filthy animal both in its behavior and in how it chooses to marry.

May the order you originally established be restored.

A pig’s hard work permits us to let it out. Travel to the North and South, where the pig is free. The dirt is unused to this. I am not native. I have lost the beautiful relationship with a lovely woman who lacks discretion.

I am Horus, Adone, Adonis and Atis. I need a bath.

It has been decided to slaughter all 350,000 pigs in the country immediately.

Give me the grace to apply mud as sunscreen.

My pearls cast, in pieces, I want to be a doctor someday.
The pig is how I remain
independent of government.

The bottom line is pigs are not welcome.

You want our remaining 330?
You will have to compensate.

There are not enough goats to eat us, that used to be fed to the pigs.

It is a dangerous and difficult time to get a new pig for our pig.

Deer and Goats, Khanzir was moved by
the Director into isolation. The Director says Khanzir is
of the zoo, says the pig, whose name is Khanzir.

The director, strong and healthy, is the only reason we are moved. We are worried we will get ill. We are a gift from China, in a large space with windows and fresh air.

We are the only one left. We want a new pig. A typical pig is allowed to play games, have sex all year if on vacation, even as babies, they are employees. If you cast us out, permit us to go away into the herd of swine.

The pig you see dangling here is only a baby
as I pray for all pigs
who live in rain with you.
Never brush your teeth and never fight.


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