Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Sale: Buy 2, 1 Free + No Shipping

The Les Figues TrenchArt titles are long and skinny, which means they fit perfectly inside a stocking, or maybe even a very large sock. And what could be better than a gift of I Go To Some Hollow, A Happy Man or Other Stories, or Feminaissance? Nothing, except maybe re: evolution, +|'m'S-pace, A Story of Witchery, or any other Les Figues title. To tell you the truth: we love them all. And now you too can delight your friends at colleagues at a holiday party by reciting 56 versions of Sonnet 56.

For this holiday season, Les Figues is offering the following specials:

  • Buy 2 books, get one book free.* Just make your two purchases, then send an email to telling us what title you'd like as your third pick
  • Free shipping anywhere within the United States

This includes free shipping on custom-made prints designed by Marcus Civin, from sentences donated by Kathleen Hanna, Yvonne Rainer, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ken Gonzales-Day, Kara Tanaka, Kevin Killian & Dodie Bellamy and Eileen Myles.


* Free book should be of equal of less value.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Indie Holiday Love

From the Future of Publishing Think Tank:

Certain websites may be selling the newest Dan Brown novel for half price, but it’s not the best bargain out there this holiday season. A book published by an independent press and purchased from an independent bookseller supports two indie businesses and makes a more unique gift. Your loved ones will thank you. So will your community.

If your community is Southern California, you’re in luck. Our region is fertile ground for locally grown organic literature. Check out these presses and bookstores:

Southern California-based Presses:
  • Ammo Books ( <> ): one-of-a-kind titles featuring amazing design, thoughtful writing, and exquisite printing
  • Angel City Press ( <> ): nostalgic yet cool illustrated books
  • Arktoi Books ( <> ): poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that give lesbian writers access to “the conversation”
  • Cahuenga Press ( <> ): poetry that honors creative freedom and cooperation
  • Cloverfield Press ( <> ): books as visually beautiful as they are intellectually and emotionally stimulating
  • Dzanc Books ( <> ): literary fiction that falls outside the mainstream
  • Gorsky Press ( <> ): risk-taking books that encourage readers to re-examine society
  • Green Integer ( <> ): essays, manifestos, speeches, epistles, narratives, and more
  • Les Figues Press ( <> ): aesthetic conversations between readers, writers, and artists, with an avant-garde emphasis
  • Make Now Press ( <> ): contemporary works of constraint and conceptual literature
  • Otis Books/Seismicity ( <> ): contemporary fiction, poetry, essays, creative non-fiction and translation
  • Perceval Press ( <> ): art, critical writing, and poetry
  • P S Books ( <> ): micro-press that publishes conceptually motivated series on a project by project basis
  • Red Hen Press ( <> ): works of literary excellence that have been overlooked by mainstream presses
  • San Diego City Works Press ( <> ): local, ethnic, political, and border writing
  • Santa Monica Press ( <> ): offbeat looks at pop culture, lively how-to books, film history, travel, and humor
  • Tsehai Publishers ( <> ): literary fiction and serious nonfiction, with an emphasis on first-time authors and writers from under-served communities
  • What Books Press ( <> ): books by L.A.-based writers whose work spans the full scope of the past quarter century
Independent Bookstores:
Book Soup, West Hollywood ( <> )
Chevalier’s Books, Larchmont Village ( <> )
Diesel, Brentwood and Malibu ( <> )
Equator Books, Venice ( <> )
Eso Won Books, Leimert Park ( <> )
Family, Fairfax District ( <> )
Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse, La CaƱada ( <> )
IMIX Bookstore, Eagle Rock ( <> )
Metropolis Books, Downtown ( <> )
Portrait of a Bookstore, Studio City ( <> )
Sierra Madre Books, Sierra Madre ( <> )
Skylight Books, Los Feliz ( <> )
Small World Books, Venice ( <> )
Stories, Echo Park ( <> )
Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore ( <> )
Village Books, Pacific Palisades ( <> )
Village Bookshop, Glendora ( <> )
Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena ( <> )

Please forward this widely to those interested in books and writing. Happy holidays from the Future of Publishing Think Tank*!

*The Future of Publishing Think Tank ( <> ) is an ad hoc group of writers and representatives of independent publishers and bookstores, nonprofit literary organizations, and community radio. Our task: to consider the changes occurring in publishing, distribution, and marketing of literary work and to envision new ways for writers to engage readers and build audiences for their work. Visit us at <> to see the results of our reader survey and find more bookstores and literary activities in your area.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sentence Prints: Now Available

What do Kevin Killian, Kathleen Hanna, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ken Gonzales-Day and Kara Tanaka have in common besides the first letter of their first name?

Each of these artists/writers, along with Yvonne Rainer, Eileen Myles, Dodie Bellamy, donated a sentence to the 2009 Give a Fig auction: Readymade. These sentences could be something the artist/writer wrote, or something taken from someone else, with or without permission.

Marcus Civin made customized prints of each sentence, which were approved by artist/writer, and "printed" in a very small edition. We saved at least one copy of each print to sell online, and they are now available.


Thank you to Marcus Civin and the 8 participating artists and writers.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sonnet 56: Old News Still Good News

The recently released Sonnet 56 is beginning to be reviewed.

See what Sina Queryas says on her blog: Lemon Hound

And if you haven't already seen an image of the book, Ron Silliman showed us what it looked like on October 29, 2009.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Two Cities, Two Readings, Two Presses

Sidebrow & Les Figues invite you to a two-part, two-city reading tour celebrating writers from two innovative West Coast presses.


Featured at the San Francisco half of the series will be Paul Hoover, Vanessa Place, & Teresa Carmody, on behalf of Les Figues, and James Wagner & HL Hazuka, on behalf of Sidebrow.

Saturday, November 14, 7:30 pm

The Green Arcade
1680 Market St. (@ Gough)
San Francisco


Featured at the Los Angeles half of the series will be Paul Hoover & Harold Abramowitz, on behalf of Les Figues, and Amina Cain & Anna Joy Springer, on behalf of Sidebrow.

Saturday, November 21, 7:30 pm

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd.
Venice, California

+ + + + + +

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wangechi Mutu

There was an article in the NY Times today about the Performa art festival and I noticed a stunning image credited to an artist I hadn't heard about before: Wangechi Mutu. The Saatchi Gallery has a great selection of her work on view in a hi-res online gallery. Take Futurist-style collage work, post-colonial critique and a liberal dash of glitter and fur and stick it on some medical illustration paper filled with uterine tumors et voila! An art-world darling is surely born!