Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reviews While I Was Away

I'm just back from Thailand, including Chiang Mai, which has changed (and not) since I was a student at the University of Chiang Mai in 1996. The "and not" is a nod to my friend Chalermchon Jitjindar who insists Chiang Mai the city is still Chiang Mai the city, though the University has expanded and there's a burgeoning art scene.

In any case, while I was off speaking Thai (a constant remembering and forgetting), others were writing excellent reviews of Figues titles, or otherwise giving nods:

Mó-lós-sús: David Shook writes about Paul Hoover's Sonnet 56: "It manages to question the naturalness and inevitability of free verse in the most elegant mode of criticism, art itself."

again: David Shook writes about Danielle Adair's From JBAD: Lessons Learned: "Portions of the journal read like poems, with occasional—and appropriately serving as reminders of the project’s purpose—interruptions for military terminology."

Feminaissance is picked as the "Book Cover of the Month" by John Sakkis.

Dennis Cooper picks Babyfucker as one of his favorite fictions of 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back from Thailand, Teresa. Although it's always a shame to leave the place. Happy New Year (US), Adam