Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dusie Kollektiv: new poetry online

Dusie is an experimental poetics journal as well as a yearly poetry publishing kollektiv. Under the auspices of Dusie Press, poets participate both physically and virtually in communal projects. Poets in the Dusie Kollektiv write, design, produce and distribute poetic chapbooks in limited, signed, editions of 50 to 150 copies. Dusie also makes poetry available to a wider community through free online PDF downloads.

Read work by:
Samar Abulhassan
Derek Beaulieu
Cara Benson
Ann Bogle
Jessica Bozek
Ana Bozicevic
Elizabeth Bryant
Mairead Byrne
Mackenzie Carignan
Juliet Cook Sarah
Anne Cox
James Cummins
Michelle Detorie
Amanda Deutch
Julia Drescher
Kai Fierle-Hedrick
Annie Finch
Anna Fulford
Susana Gardner
Arielle Greenberg
E. Tracy Grinnell
Arielle Guy
Jared Hayes
Jen Hofer with Sawako Nakayasu
Carrie Hunter
Jennifer Karmin
Amy King
Paul Klinger
Mark Lamoureux
Juliana Leslie
Dana Teen Lomax
Nicole Mauro
Catherine Meng
Bonnie Jean Michalski
Anna Moschovakis
Michelle Noteboom
Dawn Pendergast
Emma Phillipps
Martha Reed
Kaia Sand
Kathrin Schaeppi
Zoe Skoulding
Carmen Gimenez Smith
Jane Sprague
Jill Stengel
Bronwen Tate
Maureen Thorson
Catherine Wagner
Stephanie Young

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