Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Reviews of Not Blessed

Check out these two new reviews of Harold Abramowitz's Not Blessed:

from NewPages, reviewed by Keith Meatto :

"What distinguishes Not Blessed is the relentlessness of the repetition. The effect is one of déjà vu, like having a conversation with a trauma victim or someone who suffers from amnesia or dementia. From the way the narrator repeats sentences verbatim in multiple chapters, one senses that Abramowitz enjoys orienting and disorienting – if not intentionally frustrating – the reader. Taken as a whole, the stories form a mosaic that testifies to the power and limits of language and memory."

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from decomp: a literary magazine, reviewed by Spencer Dew

"Composed of twenty-eight segments, each slanting toward some larger, implied narrative, Not Blessed repeats and repeats a story of a boy and a woods, a road, a policeman. We glimpse back, with the protagonist and sometimes narrator, at a formative day, there by the woods his grandmother had forbidden him from entering, there were two roads run parallel, and perhaps another boy appeared, then a policeman. But fictions accumulate like spring rain, pooling, reflecting. We know the man goes on to achieve some notoriety thanks to business and war, but we’re left unclear on how, and on what happened that day, with the policeman, something slung over his shoulders, something gathered up in his arms."

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