Friday, February 18, 2011

Christine Wertheim on Craft-Work

Check out Christine Wertheim's article
in the latest issue of n. paradoxa

Craft-Work: A sampler of musings on art
and labor in the Information Age
or how to make alterations in global financial fabrics

Volume 27, January 2011
Women's Work

Also includes:

Gabrielle Moser - “Working-through” public and private labour: Sophie Calle’s 'Prenez soin de vous'

Andrea Liss - Memory Work, Trauma and the Maternal

Ewa Malgorzata Tatar - Interrogating “postfeminism”: Women artists from Poland

Meredith A. Brown - The Balance Sheet: A.I.R. Gallery and Government Funding

Reiko Kokatsu - Mitsuko Tabe: Beyond Kyûshû-ha

Patricia Karetzky - Gao Yuan’s “Precious Little Angel”

Kanitra Fletcher - Up for Review: Re-presentations of Black Women’s (Art)work

Heike Friauf - On the ‘grotesque working conditions’ of women artists

Amy Budd - Reinterpreting the Mannequin: Allen Jones, Cathy Wilkes
and Morag Keil

Katy Deepwell - ‘The relationship between big and small things’ Interview with Tsaplya and Gluklya, Factory of Found Clothes

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