Tuesday, March 8, 2011

364 Days for Men and 1 International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women's Day and if you haven't already read Eileen Myles' essay, "Being Female," then read it today. The essay (originally published @ The AWL, see below) is in response to "The Count," conducted and published by VIDA (Women in the Literary Arts), which shows that mainstream literary publications publish and review far more work by men than by women. Also recommended: "The Gatekeepers and the Glass Ceiling, Notes Toward an Essay on The Count" on Lemonhound.

More Articles on The Count

1.) The Lack of Female Bylines in Magazines Is Old News - Katha Pollitt @ Slate
-- http://www.slate.com/id/2284680/

2.) Being Female -- Eileen Myles @ The Awl [note: Myles' essay originally published here]
-- http://www.theawl.com/2011/02/being-female#more-71928

3.) How To Publish Women Writers: A Letter to Publishers about the VIDA Count -- Annie Finch @ Her Circle

4.) 'Numbers don't lie': Addressing the gender gap in literary publishing -- Jessa Crispin @ PBS
-- http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/voices/numbers-dont-lie-addressing-the-gender-gap-in-literary-publishing/7161/

5.) On breaking the literary glass ceiling -- Jessa Crispin and Michael Schaub @ PBS

6.) Why There's Gender Bias in Media-and What We Can Do About It -- Margot Magowan @ MS. Magazine

7.) Women in Publishing: What's the Real Story? -- Kjerstin Johnson @ Bitch Magazine

8.) Women Get Published and Reviewed Less Than Men in Big Magazines, Say Red-and-Blue Pie Charts -- Jim Behrle @ The Hairpin

9.) Bitches Be Trippin' -- Roxane Gay @ HTML Giant

10.) The Sorry State Of Women At Top Magazines -- Anna North @ Jezebel

11.) Gender, publishing, and Poetry magazine -- Christian Wiman @ Poetry Foundation

12.) VIDA: The Count Roundup @ The Rumpus

13.) Why It Matters That Fewer Women Are Published in Literary Magazines -- Robin Romm @ Double X

14.) Women at Work -- Meghan O'Rourke @ Slate

15.) The Numbers Speak For Themselves @ Women and Hollywood

16.) Do četiri puta manje tekstova žena! -- BROJKE NE LAŽU @ Kultura (in Croatian)

17.) Submitting Work: A Woman's Problem? -- Becky Tuch @ Beyond the Margins

18.) On Gender, Numbers, & Submissions -- Rob @ Tin House

19.) A Literary Glass Ceiling? -- Ruth Franklin @ The New Republic

20.) Research shows male writers still dominate books world -- Benedicte Page @ The Guardian

21.) Gender Balance and Book Reviewing: A New Survey Renews The Debate -- Patricia Cohen @ New York Times Arts Beat

22.) Tickets to an Awesome Future Are Free: Gender, Literature, and VIDA’s Count -- Carolyn Zaikowski

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