Monday, March 14, 2011

Explanation as Composition: Geography #3

Inspired by Bernadette Mayer’s writing experiment “A Line For Every Block,” write a line for every star you pass on the Walk of Fame. You may start anywhere on the walk, but then you must write a line for every subsequent star up to the number 14 (as Mayer’s original approach was 14 blocks). [For More about What This Is]

  1. I fell on a stone that exploded into a star.
  2. This was in a dream about a mother.
  3. Where a giant tree sprouted from the ground, luminous
  4. I throw a stone to see where it will land
  5. And if it lands well, this being the zone, we can continue
  6. The sky is drearier when the music says so
  7. So when another tree sprouts up, it will be lucky if it gets any sun at all.
  8. The third, still underground only peeking up through a periscope
  9. May never make it out alive, and still be the luckiest
  10. Let’s go! The first beckons the others, lonely, it its height
  11. This began as a dream about my mother but she often fades into the backdrop
  12. Memories, like raindrops on the ground, dissipate too.
  13. So if you can block out the music
  14. “watch where you’re going,” said a long haired girl.

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