Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Explanation as Composition: Geography #5

Inspired by Bernadette Mayer’s writing experiment “A Line For Every Block,” write a line for every star you pass on the Walk of Fame. You may start anywhere on the walk, but then you must write a line for every subsequent star up to the number 14 (as Mayer’s original approach was 14 blocks). [For More about What This Is]

My sister was known as George Burns

There’s a small piece of blue foil on the ground

That symbol looks like something in a Russian futurist poem

Was count Basie really a count?

Damon stopped and asked me what we’re doing, this is for him.

Ah, it’s that Russian futurist symbol again!

Florian Zabach—playhouse

There’s a crack in the star, and the camera looks like a loaf of old-style bread.

Fred Hit Cock

Please respect our neighbors by exiting quietly

I look at Agnes, and a young woman sitting at Numero Uno looks at me.

This star reminds me of my cat, I wont tell you why.

Blondie, muted, from the inside of the shop.

The stars are red and gold, with white and pink speckles and the tattoo parlor is black and white with flecks of reflection

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