Monday, March 7, 2011

Explanation as Composition: Geography#2

Please note: All material here was written by UNFO + Collaborators. The person shown in the photo above can be counted among that group, but do not assume she is the single author of text below.

Inspired by Bernadette Mayer’s writing experiment “A Line For Every Block,” write a line for every star you pass on the Walk of Fame. You may start anywhere on the walk, but then you must write a line for every subsequent star up to the number 14 (as Mayer’s original approach was 14 blocks). [For More about What This Is]

1. Everyone on Hollywood Blvd has turned into a rabbit.

2. The stars are not tombstones, especially the empty ones.

3. Louise Dresser made hats for starlets and stars, but she wished she had owned a candy shop instead, pulling salt-water taffy.

4. It’s a shame that no one knows who you are or what you did.

5. Frank Sinatra bought a turquoise shirt, and a purple one and then put them into a plastic bag.

6. Welcome to heaven or hell, your choice.

7. I used to own a Jimmy Eat World CD, but then I sold it.

8. Everything will be just fine / Everything

9. The Halloween march is like March in Halstead.

10. A star for every car—a cloud of saffron.

11. Freddy Martin, my father, wore a wig, worked for the FBI, and collected decorative shot glasses.

12. Don’t mess with me, me and my berretta.

13. This fern tree was planted here in 1988 as part of a city beautification project.

14. Getting into my leopard print gloves and smelling a pool of oil and rain, I end on new beginnings.

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