Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chicago Durutti Skool

May 1st, 5th & 6th

The Durutti Skool & Red Rover Series
would like to invite you to take part in a series of events
concerning poetry, social existence, Marxism and Anarchism

Our main concern is to join in the greater conversation occurring around the country at other Durutti Skools this year about poetry itself as a catalyst for social change. The idea for the skools began last summer when a group of poets met in Berkeley, California as part of the 95 Cent Skool. All participants were invited to form their own skools in order to continue the conversation and encourage poets to connect more strongly with their communities and ideas about writing, community, and change.

Poetry for Labor:
A May Day reading & celebration
Guest curated by John Keene
9am-12pm @ the Haymarket Square

POETRY FOR LABOR is a free, public, participatory reading to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Haymarket Square Affair in 1886, one of the signal events in US and global labor history, and the struggles of workers in the US and worldwide. All participants are welcome. Bring your own poem or poems, poems or prose by writers you love, short autobiographical pieces, or any text that brings to life, in celebration, in reflection, in commemoration, work and those who do it. Come out and read, recite and perform your poems!

JOHN KEENE teaches at Northwestern University and is fully or partly responsible for two books, and many drawings and translations, more of which are on their way.

the Haymarket Martyrs’ Statue, Haymarket Square
approximately 165 N. Desplaines Street
half a block north of the intersection with W. Randolph Street
CTA Green or Pink Lines to the Clinton-Green Station

April 30th @ 2pm Haymarket Re-enactment
May 1st @ 1pm Haymarket Martyrs' Ceremony

Chicago Durutti Skool: Workshop
with the Next Objectivists
7-9pm @ Mess Hall

THE NEXT OBJECTIVISTS is a free, open-to-the-public poetry workshop dedicated to the study & reproduction of the outsidereal. We take this term from the "Black Mountain" poet Edward Dorn & our name from the second generation modernist poets associated with The Objectivist Press. Although writers associated with the Objectivists and Black Mountain "schools" (Bunting, Creeley, H.D., Niedecker, Pound, Reznikoff, Williams, Zukofsky to name only those we've already studied) are prominent stars in our constellation, our objective is not to reproduce any particular style, mode or tradition, but instead to draw on many different ways of doing and making in order to isolate those practices of writing & publishing & above all those poetic effects which lead us out of the neoliberal present & the future it imagines.

The Next Objectivists Poetry Workshop was founded in January 2009. Members make the curriculum as we go along. Our meetings are potlucks and beginners are always welcome. We read, discuss & write poetry together. As time allows we publish our findings through our website.

Mess Hall, 6932 North Glenwood Avenue
CTA Red Line to the Morse Station

Chicago Durutti Skool: Readings & Discussions
with Frank Rogaczewski & Michelle Taransky
7-9pm @ Outer Space Studio

What is the role of poetry and the poet in addressing and engaging social awareness?

FRANK ROGACZEWSKI holds a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago and teaches in the MFA Program at Roosevelt University in Chciago. He lives in Berwyn with his wife Beverly Stewart. "Fate of Humanity" was released by American Letters and Commentary in Fall 2009. Poet Mark Nowak describes the book well: "Straight from the near west suburbs of Sandburgland, Frank Rogaczewski explodes the less than brave new world we’ve unfortunately arrived at. The Fate of Humanity in Verse sears through the vast gaps of capitalism and pop culture in multi-page paragraphs of pure invention. It is quite simply, to borrow two of Rogaczewski’s titles, an “Arse Poetica” for “The Day They Outsourced America.”

MICHELLE TARANSKY is the author of "Barn Burned, Then" (Omnidawn 2009). She lives in Philadelphia, works at Kelly Writers House, as Reviews Editor for Jacket2, and teaches at University of Pennsylvania and Temple University.

Outer Space Studio, 1474 N. Milwaukee Avenue
third floor walk up, not wheelchair accessible
CTA Blue Line to Damen Station


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