Monday, April 4, 2011

Explanation as Composition: Confession #3

As part of the ongoing Explanation as Composition audio tours: Confess your most embarrassing story involving a gallery, museum or other place of art.

Glamorous Her: I fell in love with her. Of course we met at a gallery. That’s where my friends said I’d meet her, the match, the perfect match, the one, the only one, variations on one. It wasn’t actually a gallery but a museum and she was a lot taller than me. Is that right? “Than me” ? or is it “than I” ? She didn’t seem to know either. She didn’t talk a lot. She just stood there, tall and fabulous. “Fabulous” isn’t my word. My friends kept asking me to describe her and I couldn’t describe her so finally they kept asking “Is she fabulous?” and I said “Yes, she’s fabulous.” Wouldn’t you say 9ft is fabulous? I would. Her stillness described me. Her silence evoked me. “Evoked” is not mine either. I heard it someplace I can’t remember. There you have it. We never met outside of the museum and always in the same room. Her stillness, her silence, her tallness, my grammatical questions. Did you know grammar is at the root of glamour? I didn’t either. She didn’t tell me either. She didn’t tell me a lot. Like that she was an installation. The movers manhandled her out of there. Supposedly to another museum. I wonder if she misses me.

–Jilted Jackie

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D.M. SOLIS said...

This is so very fine indeed. Truly perfect. Thank you. I have found a few of these I return to. And they are part of permanent collections. If I saw them manhandled, I don't know what I would do.