Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Explanation as Composition: Confession #3

Mollusk Gets the Fame by Ama Birch

--Irritation causes mutation.

Rainy, blue, rainy, black

Nighttime, splat!

80’s and ladies:

Dripping umbrellas and raincoats;

A harmonica player serenades pedestrians dropping.

Two women chat with glasses of white wine in hand.

“He is such a dog,” Red says.


“Lay on him and get fleas,” says Yellow.


Little girl passes.

“Red, it is just appalling! The way Hambone cut him out.”

“Yes, it is. He was there and that woman,” Yellow cackles.

“Feathers! Feathers! In any weather!,” the A enters.

Yellow: “It is unbelievable.”

Red: “Norman Lewis was his name; Norman Lewis!”

A basketball splashes a puddle.

Hambone passes a chain link fence.

Little girl cries green.

--Story from A. Bitch

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M Bell, MPA:HA said...

What a wonderful example of uninhibited beauty in writing for two voices.