Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mother, I + more at Sidebrow

Sidebrow is a literary press dedicated to collaborative experiments in publishing. Founded online in 2005, Sidebrow provides a forum for exploring the collective and the singular in the literary arts. Expanding on the traditional publishing model, Sidebrow uses the Internet as a tool for presenting projects as they evolve, encouraging contributions from established and emerging writers, poets, and artists that explore established themes and respond creatively to components already included on the Sidebrow Web site.

Inspired by Sidebrow’s first post, excerpts of Chris Tysh’s
screenplay adaptation of Georges Bataille’s Mother, I, Mother, I is a multi-author, multi-genre foray into the maternal, in large part shaded by the dark, erotic prescriptiveness of the mother figure in Bataille. The project is open to response, reimaginings, and inquiries into the maternal beyond Bataille.

Current contributors to Build: Mother, I include:
Nick BredieAllison CarterTraci O ConnorBrian EvensonAndrew FarkasSandy FlorianHL HazukaAnne HeideCarrie-Sinclair KatzJanice LeeMegan MilksDeborah PoeKristin PrevalletDaniel C. RemeinElizabeth RobinsonNina ShopeAnna Joy SpringerChris TyshChristine WertheimQuintan Ana Wikswo

Also, check out more Les Figues authors on Sidebrow here:
Harold AbramowitzAmina Cain

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