Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 29: Printers' Ball

7th Annual Printers’ Ball:

Friday, July 29th

at The Ludington Building
Columbia College Chicago
1104 S. Wabash Ave -- Chicago, IL
FREE for all ages

The Printers' Ball celebrates literary culture by offering thousands of magazines, books, and broadsides free of charge; showcasing live music, readings, and performances; demonstrating letterpress, offset, and silk-screen printing and paper-making; and providing other activities, entertainment, food, and drink — all free!

Features include:

* Poetry reading by David Berman.

* “Reading Experiment in Progress”: An interactive performance and mini-reading of Jennifer Karmin’s text-sound epic Aaaaaaaaaaalice.

* A short animated preview of the novel Ghosts by César Aira; animation by Susie Kirkwood and Jill Summers, original score by Daniel Knox.

* Where a Blade Becomes Horizon by Simone Muench. Muench’s poem-film, or cinematic poem, uses juxtaposed footage of numerous horror films superimposed with a patchwork of various poetic texts and music.

* What do you Believe?" An installation of real life monster encounters by illustrator Marika Paz and researcher Patrick Summers.

* Salsa music by An Ebirac Project featuring Willie Gomez, with poet Luis Tubens.

* Busted Books: The Great Soaking. Performance by Davis Schneiderman.

* Next Objectivists: Transcriptions. From behind typewriters, they'll transcribe the thoughts and worst fears of Chicagoans.

* Larger-than-life-size Ouija Board by Chicago Underground Library. Guests are invited to contact the spirits of larger-than-life authors using their larger-than-life Oujia Board.

* The Whitechapel Club by Pocket Guide to Hell. Taking its name from Jack the Ripper's London haunt, the Whitechapel Club was a Chicago press club in the 1890s that gathered together world-weary Chicago journalists for drinking, singing, storytelling, and general carousing.

* The World As Text, a summer reading room and exhibition crafted out of re-purposed furniture.

* Live video collage by Judgeworks.

* Knee-Jerkmagazine’s Inner Literary Monsters.

* Frankenzine by Chicago Zine Fest.

The Printers' Ball is presented by the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine with the Center for Book & Paper Arts, the Chicago Underground Library, Columbia College Chicago, and MAKE.

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