Monday, August 1, 2011

BLOGFACE: First Two Weeks of August 2011 CONTEST!


What’s your blogface?

For TWO WEEKS ONLY (August 1st-15th), Les Figues Press’ GIVE A FIG blog is posting YOUR blogfaces! Submit a photo of YOU reading one of the blogs listed below, and be entered  to win a set of specially chosen books (see below!) submitted from the following presses with blogs:


  • Take a photo of yourself reading one of the blogs of the presses mentioned above (click the links above to access their blogs)
  • Send that photo to giveafig[at]gmail[dot]com with “BLOGFACE” in the subject line
  • In the body of the email include your name, the time the photo was taken, and the name of the blog you’re reading 

We'll feature your photos on our blog until August 16th, when one winner will be picked at random!


Lyn Hejinian and Carla Harryman

“This book is important to me on a personal level because it was the first title I helped prepare for publication as part of the Belladonna* Collaborative. It's a wild and radical book and as I read the last draft before we sent it to the printer, I was starting a new phase of my own life. We decided to issue two covers in the spirit of collaboration, and simultaneously I was getting to know Rachel Levitsky, Belladonna*'s founder, better as well through our own collaboration.”— Krystal Languell, Collaborative Member of Belladonna* and Founding Editor of Bone Bouquet


I started this magazine as I was finishing my MFA at New Mexico State University, while my tenure as an editor for Puerto del Sol was coming to a close. The magazine's mission is to promote the work of female-identified poets and writers in the face of a masculinist publishing culture.”—Krystal Languell

Camille Roy

“Each month, Futurepost features four intimately different responses to a Futurepoem book.  We pick the people and they pick the form of their response.  So far our responses have come in the form of sound art, graphic representations, bibliographical indices, epistolary romances, manifestos, and every variety of poem.  This month we're featuring Camille Roy's Sherwood Forest, a book of poetry that our first responder Betsy Fagin calls, ‘an investigative journey through an urban landscape of menace in which the passively observed turns active, engaged and participatory.’  Each response is a different portal through which to enter Sherwood Forest.  Step inside!”—Christopher Martin, Futurepoem books editor and Futrepost blog curator

Mathew Timmons

"I'm so excited to feature 
Mathew Timmons’ The New Poetics. Here's an excerpt from the description on our site: '
A cross-referenced encyclopedia of all things New, Mathew Timmons’ The New Poetics challenges the prevailing obsession with the emergent and the reinvented by remaking The New itself in the image of the banal.' A book birthed from the internet, The New Poetics bridges the gap between the worlds of pop culture, between the HTML and the physical."
—Chris Hershey-Van Horn, PR Intern at Les Figues Press and BLOGFACE Contest Curator 

Johannes Göransson

“I chose Johannes Göransson’s book because LSU Student James Bellard was arrested after reading Johannes's book and writing (as assigned by his professor) an "imitation" poem. Bellard accidentally left a copy of said poem in the LSU library. Also, he was dressed as a leprechaun at the time. I’m sending this book because I hope that more people will read it and imitate it and be arrested. If everyone is arrested, we’ll have enough people to take over all the prisons. When we free ourselves, we can also free the current 66% of inmates who are non-violent offenders and thus shouldn’t be in prison anyway. I’m sending this book because I am sick to fucking death of all our country’s cruel systems. The absurd and unremitting violence of Johannes’ book is comfort and companionship during these dark days.”—Christian Peet, Founder and Editor in-Chief of Tarpaulin Sky

Show us your BLOGFACE!

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