Monday, October 24, 2011

Auction Item Highlight: Drunken Fig(ue) Truffles!

Give A Fig Auction: An Auction AS IF it's An Auction

Join us Sunday November 6th at 4pm at Human Resources in Chinatown

Featured Auction Item:


by Susan VanHorn

These hand crafted artisan truffles are made with imported Belgian couverture chocolate, fresh cream and English butter. Drunken Fig(ue) truffles are crafted with Calimyrna and Black Mission figs, Port wine from Australia and toasted pecan pieces. Bittersweet Truffles are crafted with couvertures chosen to enhance the flavour palate of each truffle. Each is then lovingly enrobed with imported chocolate, creating the most delectable truffles imaginable.

VALUE: Priceless ($72)

**Our biggest auction spender will also receive a box of these delicious chocolates for free!**

Please be sure to consume within 2 weeks of purchase for best flavour. Contains nuts.

Peruse other fabulous, exciting items on the official auction website!

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