Saturday, February 25, 2012

Babyfucker Blog Project: Jessalyn Wakefield

Urs Allemann's Babyfucker: A Reading
Jessalyn Wakefield

I read Babyfucker in one hot sitting while locked out of an apartment in LA. I sat on the back stairwell and waited for my friend to return. As I waited I read the book. As soon as I began reading, I wanted to hear the book spoken aloud. The text was a rapture, and part of the rapture was the clarity in which I could hear the words ringing in my head. It was spring in LA and it was bright. I was wearing a purple sundress. My shoulders were burned. During this time my daily diet consisted of a raw steak, a chocolate croissant, and a pack and a half of cigarettes. This woman, this woman with this big blonde hair and these big blonde lips and a pair of pussy-crushing jeans and thigh-high snakeskin boots kept walking in out the back gate, right past where I was sitting in the narrow stairwell. I guess she walked in the gate three times, and out the gate three times. And each time, she'd give me a little sneer with that big blonde mouth and a little sigh with those big blonde lips and I'd try to shrivel up and I'd think about being invisible so she could walk past me with greater ease. There were a lot of reasons she may have sneered so flagrantly. Maybe I stank of rotting cow flesh and cigarette butts. Maybe the stairwell was difficult to navigate in those tall boots with another person taking up most of the room. Maybe we were in LA and that's how people are. Maybe she could hear the words quietly begin to dribble from my mouth, to my own surprise and delight, I fuck babies. Therefore maybe I am.

Listen to Jessalyn Wakefield's reading of Babyfucker

JESSALYN WAKEFIELD lives on public lands and food stamps.

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