Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Allemann wins the 2012 Heimrad Bäcker prize

Congratulations to Urs Allemann!

Allemann received the 2012 Heimrad Bäcker Prize, awarded annually for experimental literature written in German. 

The jury said of Allemann's work:

In Urs Allemann’s poetry, something universal becomes clear: the fact that construction and destruction are two sides of the same coin, just like tradition and innovation. Because producing something new means breaking down what one has been given into its elemental parts and precisely through this process reconstructing it. In this way, Urs Allemann maintains the tradition of the sonnet and the ode, breaking them down and putting them back together in new and unforeseeable ways. Allemann’s poetry is dialectical, and it allows us to be cognizant participants in what we can call, without any hyperbole, history.

For more, read Elizabeth Hall's interview with Urs Allemann, or check the Babyfucker Blog Project, a series of responses to babyfucker, published by Les Figues Pree.  You can also visit the Urs Allemann page on Facebook. 

You can also listen to the managing editor of Conjunctions read the beginning of Allemann's "Jo's Murder Game" from their most recent issue.

Congratulations again to Urs Allemann!

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