Tuesday, July 31, 2012

25 Things from 2500 Random Things About Me Too

Tomorrow is the online release of Matias Viegener's 2500 Random Things About Me Too! It's Matias' first book, and also the first book written on Facebook. Remember that meme "25 random things about me"? Matias wrote 100 of them—they are brilliant, poignant and you should check them out. 

Here's one of them so you can see for yourself:


1            My pillow is gone!

2            Why is utopianism so uncool with so many
              people I know?

3            You know that if men menstruated, the world
              would be run by a lunar calendar.

4            My favorite mistake in English that my mother
              made was when arriving in someone's house, she 
              would occasionally exclaim how "homely" it was!

5            Sometimes when salesmen knocked on the door,
              my friend Marc Weisman's mother would say,
              "Please go away, I am not interesting."

6            I just looked in the mirror and I look like me

7            Today I have more than 25 things, so I will save

8            Four years ago, we could not have come to Santa
              Marta and Ciénaga because they were being torn 
              apart by paramilitaries and guerrillas.

9            Chris Kraus once told me that Sylvère Lotringer
              and I were the only two men she knew who did 
              not see Kathy Acker as monstrous.

10          I remember visiting the Greek island of Delos,
              filled with marble phalluses. Many of them had 
              been chopped off at the stem, so to speak.

11          I envy Austin, his capacity to fall asleep anywhere
              at any time. This would make my life much easier.

12          What about men who cup their balls and call
              them the family jewels?

13          Or men who name their penises?

14          More rain. I will probably always see weather as a
              New Yorker; I spent my "formative years" where 
              weather was something you struggled against.

15          Few things are as embarrassing as your own 

16          I had sex in a bathroom at UCLA during the
              Rodney King riots. It was with an architecture
              student. We even talked about it: having sex
              while the city burned.

17         For a long time, I believed in ancient astronauts.

18         I've heard stories about strangers having sex in 
             bomb shelters during the War.

19         I remember when people got dressed up to travel.
             When I was a kid we had special traveling outfits.

20         Pompeii is filled with phallic statues.

21         When I was a kid, my mother's aunt would come 
             visit us every year from Germany. The first few 
             times she wore a wool jacket and skirt, stuffed
             inside like a sausage.

22         In a hot climate, if you're not peeing, you're not 
             drinking enough.

23         My mother's aunt was kind of dowdy, and she
             never looked as good as when she traveled.

24         By the end of the 80s things had changed, and
             she arrived in rumpled sweat suits.

25         What about when they paint fig leaves over classic
             nude paintings?